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The finest manicure sets and manicure kits make personal grooming a pleasure. Wide array of manicure sets for men and manicure kits for women available at Ekal Professional. Our manicure kits never go out of style or season! Beauty tools packed in a very beautiful pouch made of velvet. Manicure sets are collection of finest beauty tools which are essential for every woman. Everything you need to give yourself the perfect manicure is right here at Ekal Professional. Our goal is to make the highest quality cuticle nippers, manicure scissors, cuticle pushers, nail files, manicure kits and personal grooming kits to accomplish personal grooming needs. Every implement we manufacture is made from Japanese Stainless Steel by an experienced craftsman.

Manicure Sets

Art No: 1079

Professional Quality kit with fine quality manicure and pedicure instruments packed in combination of leather, available in different combinations of leather.



Manicure sets

Art No: 1080

Manicure Set Contains: Tweezers # 920 Pushers # 129 Nail Nippers # 914 Nail File # 105 Cuticle Scissors # 852 Cuticle Nippers # 911




Art No: 1081

Pedicure Set Containts: Nail Nippers # 914 Nail Scissors # 858 File Rasp # 948 Cuticle Pusher # 146



Manicure Set

Art No: 1082

Manicure Set Contains: Nail Nippers Cuticle Nippers # 911 Nail Scissors # 858 Cuticle Pusher # 144



Manicure Set

Art No: 1083

Manicure Set Containts: Nail Nippers Cuticle Nippers # 911 Nail Scissors # 852 Nail File # 105 Tweezers # 920



Proffesional Manicure Set

Art No: 1084

rofessional Manicure Set Contains: Cuticle Nippers # 979 Nail Scissors # 858 Nail File # 105



Manicure Set

Art No: 1085

Manicure Set Containts: Nail Nippers # 914 Cuticle Nippers # 911 Tweezers # 081 Nail File # 105 Cuticle Scissors # 852 Pusher # 144



Professional Manicure Set

Art No: 1086

Proffesional Manicure Set Containts: Nail Nippers Cuticle Nippers # 911 Nail File # 105 Nail Scissors # 858 Cuticle Scissors # 852 Tweezers # 082



Men Grooming Kit

Art No: 1087

Men Grooming Kit Containts: Noose Scissors # 846 Standard barber Scissors # 090 Plastic Comb Razors blade Holer # R004



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Professional barber scissors supplier and manufacturer of professional thinning scissors and haircutting barber shears. If you fant fancy scissors, eye brow tweezers or nail nippers, cuticle pushers or embroider scissors we cover Peru, Qatar, Kenya, Switzerland, Greenland, Netherlands Antilles, Turkey, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Chile, Uruguay, Tanzania, Australia, Iran, Austria, Singapore, Czech Republic, Paraguay, South Korea, Malta, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Iceland, French Southern Territories, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Belgium, Libya, Hong Kong, Mauritania, Spain, Taiwan, Malaysia, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Italy, Brazil, French Guiana, Portugal, French Polynesia, Argentina, Cyprus, Mauritius, United States, New Zealand, Egypt, North America.