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EKAL committed to bring best quality products to its valued customers. We design & manufacture high quality stainless steel instruments to the requirements of our customers for the use in diverse industries.

Our main line of products includes Professional Barber Scissors, Manicure instruments, pedicure instruments, manicure scissors, household scissors, Nail nippers and Tweezers.

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Barber Scissors/Shears

EKAL Professional offers unrivalled durability and sharpness of blades that integrated cutting edge for maximum sharpness, long cutting performance and perfect slice cutting. We carries a extensive collection of barber scissors, hair scissors,Hairdressing scissors,  along with professional thinning scissors or texturizing shears ideal for any type of hair application. Search our excellent array of Professional barber scissors. We are sure that you will find the ultimate pair of hair scissors to suit your needs

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EKAL is a renowned manufacturer and exporters of top quality tweezers, beauty tweezers, eyebrow tweezers, professional tweezers, precision cosmetic tweezers and general purpose tweezers. These fine point tweezers is used by the Jewelry and Watchmakers as well as for Nail Artists and Eyelash Professionals it’s also very important. At EKAL Professional, we have a multitude of specifically designed Tweezers to meet demands of all kinds.

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Nail & Cuticle Nipper

EKAL produce the finest quality beauty and pedicure instruments to keep your finger and toenail healthy, beautiful and happy. These nail nippers widely used by beauty professionals, pedicurist and nail technicians. Have a look our professional range of Nail Nippers, Cuticle Nippers, Acrylic tip cutterand cuticle scissors offers secure and comfort grip, ideal for trimming of cuticle and ingrown nails. Our Nail nippers are made of finest quality steel and then crafted to perfection so that every Nipper gives satisfactory performance.

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Cuticle Pushers & Cleaner

Get the health y and beautiful looking nails with our top quality cuticle pushers and nail cleaners. We have massive assortment of Facial Tools likeblackhead removers, Lancet, single and double ended cuticle pushers, each of the end ergonomically design to fit snugly around the nails to push the cuticles away from the nails and clean the nail surface without scratching or harming the cuticle. Achieve the best manicure results with our cuticle pushers and nail cleaners. We supply everyday essentials beauty care tools at low price.

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Manicure Kits

Our manicure sets and pedicure kits is made of the finest and beautiful leather cases. We have exclusive range of manicure sets for both professional and personal use. Give yourself the perfect manicure or pedicure with our finest quality manicure tool kit. These  finest manicure kits have best nail clippers, cuticle nippers, manicure scissors, cuticle and nail scissors, tweezers and other simple everyday necessities elevated to the rank of art. The unsurpassed quality of our hand crafted Manicure & Pedicure Instruments will last a lifetime.

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Each of EKAL Professional Scissors will surely impress you with their effortless beauty, ergonomic design and will amaze you by their sheer power and sharpness. Our exquisite gamut includes Nail Scissors, manicure scissors, heavy duty nail scissors, Fancy and embroidery scissors, tailor scissors, trimmers, Household scissors and utility scissors. Each instrument is Finely Polished and individually tested. We endeavor to bring innovation and precision into the hands of the professionals.

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Professional barber scissors supplier and manufacturer of professional thinning scissors and haircutting barber shears. If you fant fancy scissors, eye brow tweezers or nail nippers, cuticle pushers or embroider scissors we cover Peru, Qatar, Kenya, Switzerland, Greenland, Netherlands Antilles, Turkey, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Chile, Uruguay, Tanzania, Australia, Iran, Austria, Singapore, Czech Republic, Paraguay, South Korea, Malta, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Iceland, French Southern Territories, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Belgium, Libya, Hong Kong, Mauritania, Spain, Taiwan, Malaysia, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Italy, Brazil, French Guiana, Portugal, French Polynesia, Argentina, Cyprus, Mauritius, United States, New Zealand, Egypt, North America.