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Ekal Professional present very well made General Purpose Tweezers that serves a wide range of applications, from electronics to dentistry and anatomy. The tweezers have extremely accurate serration quality: different lengths and tip sizes, and they come either straight or curved. We believe in serving the best and offering superior and excellent quality. Varying from electronics to jewellery and cosmetics, we, at Ekal Professional have a multitude of specifically designed tweezers to meet demands of all kinds, whether it is the need of general purpose plastic tweezers or the imperative requirement of high precision and ultra fine tweezers.

Tweezer For Watch Maker

Art No: 1059



Eye Brow Tweezers

Art No: 1093



Eye Brow Tweezers

Art No: 1094



Eye Brow Tweezers

Art No: 1095



Eye Brow Tweezers

Art No: 1096



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Professional barber scissors supplier and manufacturer of professional thinning scissors and haircutting barber shears. If you fant fancy scissors, eye brow tweezers or nail nippers, cuticle pushers or embroider scissors we cover Peru, Qatar, Kenya, Switzerland, Greenland, Netherlands Antilles, Turkey, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Chile, Uruguay, Tanzania, Australia, Iran, Austria, Singapore, Czech Republic, Paraguay, South Korea, Malta, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Iceland, French Southern Territories, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Belgium, Libya, Hong Kong, Mauritania, Spain, Taiwan, Malaysia, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Italy, Brazil, French Guiana, Portugal, French Polynesia, Argentina, Cyprus, Mauritius, United States, New Zealand, Egypt, North America.